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Product Overview
Bowl is a necessary kitchen essential described as a round vessel, open at the top and used for holding several things. Its width is more than its depth. Since thousands of years, bowls have been used and merged into different cultures with different meanings. Commonly known as “ punch bowls or salad bowls “, copper bowls appearance range from very elementary designs to sophisticated artwork. Serving versatile utilities, these bowls have replaced the complete set of kitchen accessories in modern world.

Copper bowls are available in several shapes, sizes, styles and designs. Made with a sense of sculpture and art, these bowls combine pure designs with stunning finishes. Usually, they are small and shallow in size. These bowls width is more as compared to its depth. This characteristic makes them stand apart from other bowls available in the market.

Design Varieties
  • Angle Bowls : These bowls are made up of copper and brass having a shiny nickel lining.

  • Embossed Bowls : These one comprises more depth as compared to width having shiny nickel lining and made up of copper and brass.

  • Double Wall Bowls : These bowls consists of double wall coatings having inner and outer surface different, made up of copper and brass comprising nickel shiny lining.

  • Grape Bowls : These bowls are very attractive, mainly used for holding fruits made up of copper and brass having tin shiny lining

Copper bowls are hemispherical vessels that protect the freshness and aroma of the food kept in it. They are used
  • Serving food
  • Storing and holding fruits and vegetables
  • For blending ingredients
  • Serving liquids such as soups etc
  • Beating eggs
  • Make Zabaglione

There are mainly two kinds of bowls:
  • Egg White Bowls : Copper bowls are the most preferred for beating eggs and are hence called Egg white bowls.
  • Zabaglione Bowls: Made of copper, Zabaglione bowls are used to make a delicious dessert or sauce called Zabaglione.

Why copper bowls?
Copper is considered as a versatile metal containing medicinal properties, mostly preferred for beating eggs and making zabaglione. Due to some special properties and characteristics of copper, these bowls have carved a niche for themselves. Along with this, copper bowls are economical, look fabulous and very appealing.

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