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Product Overview
Pans are constitutional part of every kitchen. Serving multiple functions, copper pans are available in several sizes and shapes. These pans allow for the best conductivity thus most homogeneous heating. They are heavy weighted, cost economical and require occasional retinning. Copper pans are perfect for high-heat, fast-cooking techniques as sauteeing.

Copper pans act as a multi-functional capacity, now available with stainless steel rather than tin linings which last much longer. Made from very fine copper, these pans are used for different purposes such as frying, roasting, baking and for making a host of other dishes. There are various kinds of pans available in copper with multi-functional capacity.

To name a few type of copper pans, list is here below:
  • Couscous Pots : this is a pot with shiny finish. This pot is made from the combination of copper and brass
  • Soup Pots : these cooking pots and pans are made of copper and brass with shiny finish
  • Cooking pot set (3pieces) : this is a cooking pot set of tin shiny lining. Metals used here for its manufacturing are copper and brass
  • There is a cooking pot with a combination of copper and wood. Its has a shiny nickel lining

According to the utility there is another kind of variety seen in this cooking range:
Now a days, copper pans are the latest rage among people. All the functionalities served by copper pans, economical prices and the qualitative properties of them make them apart from other cooking pans available in the market. The kitchenware or cookware set is never complete without highly durable copper pans.

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