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Copper Cookie Cutter as Gift Item

Copper is the oldest metal known to human kind and cookie cutter made of this metal is strong, durable, reflects rich tradition and is beautiful. Cookie cutter is used for cutting cookie dough into desired shapes before baking. Doubtless that your mom loves to have some copper cookie cutter in varied size and shape. Nothing is more interesting and lovely than surprising your mom with a copper cookie cutter made by yourself. Yes, copper cookie cutter could be made at home with simple steps without hard effort. Making a copper cookie cutter at home will definitely be a fun and gives ample of room to explore the creativity inside you. Collect the required materials and tools – copper roll, measuring tape, simple tape, pliers, shears, punch tool, eyelets and some printed designs. Follow the instructions below:

  • Measure the total length of the printed design. Unravel the copper roll, measure the same length and cut with the shear. The cut copper strip length should be same with that of printed design.
  • Bend or fold the strip with plier. Flex the strip around the design and connect both the ends of the strips at the longest design allowing proper space to fix both the ends.

  • Copper Cookie Cutter as Gift Item

  • Hold both the ends of the copper strips by placing the tape over the design where both the end of the strip meets. Place tape on your design to hold it together. Make holes in the ends of your design using the eyelet and punch tool. It is best to make holes in one copper layer at a time. Fix the eyelets to hold the cutter in place and the cookie cutter is ready.

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