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Copper Saute Pans

Product Overview
Copper saute pans are one of the most important cooking range.

  • A saute pan should be well-made from heavy metal.
  • Copper saute pans are designed to be large enough to hold food in a single layer without crowding.
  • Straight sides help contain splattering.
  • The traditional cast iron handles offer balance and heat resistance, and are securely fastened with three stainless steel rivets.
  • The close-fitting lid of the copper pan seals the moisture inside the pan when ingredients are simmered.
  • Finish used in copper saute pan is normally shiny finish.

  • Saute pans are ideal for quickly browning pieces of meat, poultry, or other ingredients.
  • Omlete pans with sloped sides can be used interchangeably with saute pans in most of the times, except where a significant amount of liquid is added to the pan.

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