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Copper Cookware Sets

Product Overview
Copper cookware sets are the kitchen equipment used for cooking and are made up of pure copper. Among several cookware sets available in the market, copper cookware sets are the most popular one. The thermal and heat absorbing quality of copper helps in cooking the food faster and easier. The qualities of these sets are matchless and unlike as equated with other cookware sets. In the market today, they are usable in a large variety and instead of taking whole set one can also create a set by using assorted pieces. A set of utensils such asfry pan, sauté pan, crepe pan, saucepan, saute pan, casserole etc that are ideal for everyday cooking are included in the copper cookware sets.

These utensils are available in a sets of five pieces or eight piece and so on. One can also create a set by using assorted pieces. Handcrafted with beautiful designs, these sets necessitates occasional polishing and cleaning to maintain beauty. According to individual's need and requirement, these sets are available in a long range of designs, shapes, sizes and price ranges.

  • Copper cookware sets are made of solid copper. This solid copper provides very even and consistent heat distribution.
  • Pots and pans have a drip free edge.
  • Here very traditionally tin lining is applied by hand.
  • Handles made of wrought iron are normally hand forged. These handles stay cool a lot longer than handle made of other materials.
  • Handles are attached to the pan with counter sunk rivets. They are flush with the interior surface.

Why copper cookware sets ?
Copper is known as the best conductor of heat, specially useful and needed for top-notch cooking where the food should be cooked at incisively controlled temperatures. It has about ten times more heat conductivity capacity as compared to other materials such as steel, aluminium etc. Transmitting evenly heat copper also contain medicinal properties. To render all round heating they are much thicker in construction as compared to other cookware sets.

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