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Copper Sink Faucets

Product Overview
Sink faucets are really needed along with every sinks. Copper sink faucets are one of the most popular among the other materials making sink faucets.

  • The wall mounted Copper sink faucets with different finishes look very attractive.
  • Most of the sink faucets are mixture variety. In mixture type sink faucets, cold and hot waters are mixed and brought into the sink through one swing spout.
  • Few typical mixture type sink faucets come equipped with a spray hose.

There are many types of sink faucets depending upon their sizes, styles and shapes. Mixture sink faucets are mainly of two types :
  • the exposed deck : it has a chrome housing above the sink.
  • the concealed deck : it has only a flange exposed just below the faucet handles.

Sink Faucets are used for regulating the flow of a liquid from the sink.

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