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Copper Platter

Product Overview
Ravishing looks and multifarious utility have made Copper platters very much in choice to the today's customer.

  • Copper platters are available in different finishes such as :
    • hammered finish
    • patina finish
  • Copper platters are generally lacquered to resist tarnishing

A platter is large shallow dish or plate, used usually for serving foods. Top quality design and well polished copper platter also looks good as a kitchen hanging.

Different kinds of copper platters are :
  • Wall hanging copper plate
    • Floral copper plate
    • Copper wall plate
    • Glazed copper plate with pine cone engraving
    • Copper platter with Egyptian motif
    • Isocuates, the 18th Century copper plate engraving
  • Other types of Copper Platter
    • Copper Hand hammer plate with patina finish. It is found in different sizes
    • There is another kind of plate for keeping salad. Metals used for this plate are copper and brass with nickel lining
    • Another type of salad plate is made of copper and brass with tin lining

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