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Product Overview
Indian culture is always rich since traditional times in variety owing to great diversity in the exclusive bar accessories. Perfect bar accessories comprise of several things such as cocktail shakers, shot glasses, martini glasses, brandy glasses, wine openers, strainers, brandy snifters etc. Over the years, a large number of accessories are available in the copper variety. Including the entire collection of the product-catalog used in bar, copper bar accessories are majorly used to cool and shake the innumerable number of liquors available.

Copper bar accessories are made of copper that is hand hammered and most of them have a natural uncoated finish. Lending a certain kind of uniqueness, these accessories are tarnish resistant and lacquered. A vast range of copper bar accessories are available in the market whose sole purpose is to mix cocktails, shaking wine and cooling it. Especially designed to enhance the décor of specific rooms, copper bar accessories have made out as the definitive answer to improve the look and feel of a bar.

The collection of copper bar accessories include :
Other than these, some of the popular bar accessories includes :
  • Glassware: wine, shot, margarita and martini glasses
  • Barstools: swivel, padded, wooden and painted bar stools
  • Bar furniture: wine cabinets, tables, chairs and stools
  • Wine storage: racks, cabinets, wrought iron racks

Copper bar accessories are available in different shapes and sizes containing polished and natural handles. These are backed by the rising popularity of them specifically entailed for bars. Pitching towards making the lives of bartenders easier, they are better than the others in terms of durability and design. They are very eye-catching and have the ability to delight people who use or visit the bar.

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