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Copper Kettles

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Due to of its stylish appearance earlier copper tea kettles were used for decoration than practical use. Copper is a great conductor of heat, It can boil the water with in few minutes. Copper tea pot has strong durable properties, high thermal conductivity, cost-effectiveness and versatility. It can be used on both gas and electric ranges, which makes these tea pot will fit nicely in almost any kitchen.
Copper KettlesProduct Overview
Copper tea kettles look extremely elegant. Apart from tea kettles , Kettles also refer to any large, sturdy pot.

  • Copper kettles are heavy
  • Copper kettles have tight-fitting lids
  • They are available with fitted wire racks. Those racks hold filled canning jars securely in a place while they are boiled
  • Tea kettles have handles and spouts with them

  • Copper kettles are generally used for making tea
  • Due to heat conductive property of the copper, copper kettles is very useful for quickly bringing to boil

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