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Copper Fry Pans

Product Overview
Copper fry pan with its gorgeous appearance serves the good purpose of cooking.

  • Copper fry pans are constructed of solid copper.
  • Frying pans have sloped, shallow slides that facilitate the turning of ingredients. It helps moisture to escape easily for better browning.
  • Copper fry pans are normally lined with tin for safer cooking. Sometimes lining of this pan is done with stainless steel also.
  • Handles of these cooper fry pans are normally made of heavy, rounded, smooth, cast-iron with a loop hook for hanging. Handles may be of bronze.Handles are firmly affixed with three copper rivets for durability.
  • Copper fry pans mostly have tight-fitting lids made of similarly heavy metal. Some frying pans do not come with lids.
  • These pans come with a smooth polished finish.

There are various kind copper fry pans depending upon their size, metal used, lining etc. For an instance few names are given below:
  • Copper fry pan with bronze handle and stainless steel lining.
  • Copper fry pan with bronze handle and tin lining.
  • Copper fry pan with bronze handle and tin lining, having oval shape.
  • Fry pan made with the combination of copper and wood, and with tin shiny hammered polish.
  • Fry pan made with the combination of Copper and Brass with shiny tin lining.
  • 3 pieces Fry pan set made with the combination of copper and brass with nickel shiny lining.
  • To stir-frying, a large and wide copper fry can sometimes be used.
  • The dimensions vary for all these above categories.

  • They are mainly used to fry any item.
  • They are also very useful in various cooking purpose.

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