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Copper Chef's Pans

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Product Overview
Chef's pans' unique rounded sides and wide brim make them incredibly versatile pieces of cookware. Its overall get up is really eye catching.

  • The exterior of the pan is made of copper. It offers superior heat conductivity.

  • Copper chef's pan never requires re-tining. Copper Chef's pan may have a stainless steel interior layer. It may also have cooking surface with long, polished stainless steel.

  • The Copper chef's pans may have pure copper core that not only covers the bottom of the pan but also extends up the sides. This allows for great heat conductivity as well as an even heat distribution. This property prevents the pan from hot sport while cooking.

  • The handles of this copper chef's pan are secured with sturdy, non-corrosive rivets.

  • Pretty copper lids are available along with the pan. Sometimes lids are also procured separately.

To discuss about multi-speciality copper chef' pan, few categories need to be highlighted :
  • Tri ply Copper Chef's pan : This kind is with copper exterior and stainless interior and lid. it has a riveted V-shaped stainless steel handle.

  • Copper Chef's pan with Lid : Exterior of this pan is round in shape and sides are sloped. This structure is comfortable for cooking to any professional chef. It has a wide lid which accelerates evaporation during cooking. To make this pan more secure, handle of copper chef's pan is made of brass with stainless-steel rivets.

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