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Copper Trays

Product Overview
New kind of a design and beautiful outlook due to copper have made trays mind boggling for any class.

  • Copper trays are made of solid copper
  • Finishes for copper trays are normally:
    • Plain patina finish
    • Hammered finish
  • Copper trays are usually available in their natural, uncoated finish
  • Serving trays may be powder coated, in order to match the crockery and decor
  • They may come in different sizes and shapes
  • Copper trays may be plain or may have beautiful designs and motifs engraved on them

Copper trays are not just for serving foods and drink but also serve as decorative items. Some examples are as below:
  • "Tiesselinck" copper tray
  • "Roy croft" copper tray

There are also lot many other collection in the world of copper tray :
  • One kind of tray is found with a frame of oak. In this tray copper is hand beaten. Its size (approximately 14"-17") is such that it is sufficient to serve the purpose of tea tray
  • There is a rectangular tray made only of copper with shiny finish
  • Another kind of rectangular tray is found with shiny finish. But it is manufactured from both copper and brass
  • There are two types of oval tray. One is called oval rice tray and another is oval tray with etching. Both are made of copper with shiny finish
  • Hexagonal tray with shiny finish is also very attractive in a range of copper table ware. It is found in copper and brass make
  • There is a copper made tray which is yellow in color. It is known as fine engraved yellow copper tray
  • There is another kind of yellow copper tray available. It is usually known as yellow copper tray with Oasis motive in relief

  • Copper trays are used to serve foods and drinks
  • Well designed copper trays are also used as a wall hanging and in home decor

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