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How Copper Utensils React Harmfully to Human Bodies ?

Though copper utensils are a bit expensive, some people use copper utensils in their kitchens. It is biologically proven that human body naturally embodies copper and some other metals & minerals like iron, silver, etc. Some of the metals & minerals are efficacious to our body, if it is in balanced proportion. Otherwise it can be detrimental to the body. Most of the people are unaware of the recommended proportion and do not know when it is safe or unsafe to use copper utensils.

It is scientifically true that copper & other metals act harmfully to some edibles. For example, If you keep pickles and spices in copper canister or containers, vinegar or other substances react against them. It is a precautionary measure to avoid storing milk and dairy products in copper vassals and glasses. For that matter, we should also eschew using copper glass or mugs for drinking water. Dairy products like curd and butter act harmfully on copper utensils. In addition, citric acid is found in lemon and orange, so juice of lemon & orange should not be poured in copper mugs, that is harmful and causes copper poison. Liquid and food those have acidic characteristic should also not come in contact with copper utensil.

How Copper Utensils React Harmfully to Human Bodies

We sometimes use copper pan and cooking pot in our kitchen in order to fry & simmer, but we do not care for remnants accumulate and mark made on the utensils, when food get burnt. In this case, such utensil should not be used further for safety reason, unless it is taken to re-polishing or re-lining, otherwise it is more likely to cause illness from copper contamination.

Excess & over-intake of copper is also one of the causes of gastric and gastro-intestinal problems. As the human body can deal with copper but in small quantity, if it is over consumed or used for a long period of time, it can beget illness like diarrhea and make feel lethargy and dizziness. It can be virulent if it remains untreated. So it is scientifically prescribed to avoid using particularly unlined copper utensils. It is imperative that the intrinsic part of utensils should be galvanized with safe materials such as stainless steel and carbon alloy for reducing the intake of copper that makes copper utensils wholesome to the human body.
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