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Copper Butter Pans

Product Overview
Copper butter pan is one another valuable item in the collection of copper tableware.

  • Table butter warmer is tin-lined for safe cooking
  • It has a bronze handle
  • Its lid is with a bronze knob
  • Cast iron warming base gives stability to this copper butter pan

There are different kind of copper butter pans are available in market :

  • a copper butter melting pan with stainless steel lining. Along with butter melting it also serves the purpose to warm sauce, melt chocolate and warm milk

  • another copper butter pan with tin lining is famously known as Copper Rissoto pan. It is originated from Italy. It has a removable stainless steel handle. One wooden Risotto spatula is also included with this pan

  • Copper is often used to manufacture pans that are used to melt butter. The copper butter pans come with a lid that can be used to warm up and pour butter

  • This pan can also be used to warm all kinds of delicious sauces

  • One needs to put the butter warmer on a hot pad and leave it on the table where it will look good and be handy for adding more on the second helping

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