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Copper Toothpick Holders

Product Overview
Copper toothpick holder has become very fashionable due to its rugged looks. Not only to avoid any inconvenience but keeping tooth pick holder in a table is a vogue nowadays.

  • Tooth pick holders are crafted out of hammered copper sheets.
  • Lining material used here is the nickel.
  • They may be lacquered to resist tarnishing.
  • These trendy tablewares are processed to two types of finishes:
    • patina finish
    • hammered finish

Ornate cherub tooth pick holder
This ornate tooth pick holder is pretty looking for its leafy scrolls all over the body and its filigree work. It is around 2.5" tall. The speciality of this toothpick holder is that one cherub is sitting next to the holder.

  • Tooth pick holder is used for keeping tooth pick in it.
  • Appealing shaped copper tooth pick holder can also be used as a decoration.

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