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How to Keep Your Copper Kettle Shine

Copper is the most ancient metal used for making variety of utility items. Copper accessories are durable, versatile and most importantly beautiful. Still the trend of copper utensil has not been faded and you can see antique or contemporary design copper kettles in many houses. The copper kettles are considered the best kitchenware collection in terms of heat distribution and the classic look it adds to the kitchen. But, often the bottom of the kettle gets burned and giving a bad look. Thus, maintaining the shine is a tough task but it is also not impossible.
For the cleaning process you need to have flour thickener, baking soda for abrasion, vinegar or lemon juice, ketchup, soft cloths and olive oil. All these materials are easily available in your kitchen shelf. Now, given below are some tips to clean the burns on bottom of the copper kettles:

  • Mix salt and flour in equal parts and pour enough vinegar into it to form a paste. You can also make paste of lemon juice, salt and flour. The ketchup paste does not work on heavily burned bottom.
  • How to Keep Your Copper Kettle Shine
  • Apply a thick paste over the bottom of the burned kettle and evenly over the whole surface. Leave aside for 30 minutes or longer according to requirement.
  • Wash the kettle in warm water and rinse thoroughly. Now rub the paste over the kettle with a soft cloth until the kettle shines. Wipe the kettle with a dry soft cloth and put it sun.
  • Now for the natural shine, wipe the copper with soft cloth dipped into olive oil.

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