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Product Overview
Sinks also known as basin is a bowl-shaped fixture used for washing hands or small objects such as food, dishes, clothes like nylons, socks etc. Copper sinks are integral part of any kitchen serving versatile applications. According to the needs and use, they are placed at different parts of home. These are available in timeless designs handcrafted with squared corners and sides and rounded corners and sides.

Copper was known to be the oldest metal known to mankind. Copper sinks are one of the essential requirement used in homes, offices, restaurants etc. Now a days, they are limited in kitchens, as a means to wash vegetables, meats or for the cooks to wash their hands. Resembling as a means to enhance the décor of the room, copper sinks are now progressively become popular as more and more people look to increase the visual appeal of their rooms, restaurants, offices etc.

Various kinds of sinks are available in a copper sink collection :
Some features that are included in copper sinks are :
  • Drain to remove used water.
  • Strainer or shut-off device and an overflow-prevention device.
  • Integration of soap dispenser.
  • Spray feature for faster rinsing.
  • Faucets that provide hot and cold water.

Made from best quality copper, copper sinks are heavy weighted renowned for their strength, reliability and durability. Copper sinks are available in several shapes and sizes. Elegant and exquisitely designed, copper sinks are must for those people who want to add a touch of difference to their sinks.

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