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Copper Zabaglione Bowls

Copper Zabaglione Bowls are exclusive in the collection of copper kitchenware. Zabaglione is a dessert or sauce consisting of egg yolks, sugar and wine or liquor beaten until thick and served hot or cold. Egg beating bowls made of copper are also used as Zabaglione bowl. Copper Zabaglione stand is also sold with this bowl.

  • Copper Zabaglione bowls are available with rounded bottom and hanging loops.
  • These bowls may have traditional brass rings that permit hanging bowls flat against wall.
  • Protective coating prevents tarnishing if used only as decoration.

Copper Zabaglione Bowls conduct heat or cold instantly so it takes less time and effort to whip Zabaglione, mash potatoes, mix cookie dough, blend sauces.

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