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How to take care of copper utensils ?

The reddish brown element, copper is highly known for its high strength, malleability, ductility, electrical and heat conductivity, corrosion resistant property etc. Copper is used in versatile applications like in several appliances as a coating, for plumbing pipes, electrical wiring and many more. It is sensitive to air and moisture thus oxidizes very quickly in moist air. This is the reason copper utensils require care and maintenance. Several methods by which you can take care of them are :

  • If copper utensils are not being used for food purposes than coating done with lacquer helps in preserving copper finish and thus utensils.
  • To maintain shine and sheen of copper utensils, wash them with lukewarm and soapy water.
  • If utensils are used for eating and food purposes than lacquer must be removed before using. To remove lacquer, place them in about 2 gallons of boiled water and add 1 cup of washing soda to boiling water. If this method doesn't suit you then rub the utensils with a cloth saturated with acetone or alcohol.
  • Rub lemon halves immersed in salt to seclude tarnish from copper pots and other utensils.
  • To remove rust from copper utensils, wash them with a abrasive of equal quantity of vinegar, flour and salt.
  • Rinse copper utensils with a paste of salt and lemon juice than rub with a soft cloth and let them dry.
  • For tarnished copper on decorative items, you can polish them with a home based polish made by sprinkling salt with lemon juice or vinegar to make a paste for shiny and bright finish.
  • Apply a paste of lemon juice and cream of tartar and leave on for 5 minutes. Wash in warm water and dry with a soft cloth.

Thus, these are some of the tips by which you can maintain and take care of copper utensils for long lasting usages.

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