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Some Simple ways of Cleaning Copper Utensils

Copper, as you all may be aware, is a reddish-brown metal which is quite durable and highly utilitarian. Copper is mostly used for making decorative items, jewelry, kitchenware, utensils, and so. It is mostly used for making kitchenware and utensils. But, the drawback of the copper utensils is that they are subject to tarnishing owing to the combined action of chemical compounds named: cupric sulfide, copper sulfate, and copper chloride. But, the good news is that the shine and beauty of the copper utensils can be recovered through some simple ways.

Given under are some simple methods of cleaning the tarnished copper utensils at home:

1) Take half-cut piece of lemon and sprinkle some baking soda over it. Rub this on the affected copper utensil, then keep the utensil aside for some time and after that rinse it and left it to dry. After getting dried, the utensil will shine again.

2) Make a mixture of salt, white vinegar, and wheat flour; all in same proportion. Now, apply this mixture over a scrub or sponge and rub this over the copper utensil. Ensure that it should not be rubbed too much, or with force. Finally, rinse the utensil thoroughly for getting a sparkling shine.
 Copper Utensils

3) Make a paste of lemon juice and cream of tartar. Apply this paste over the tarnished copper utensil and leave it for 5 minutes. Now, wash it with warm water and make it dry with a soft cloth. You will witness a shiny surface of the utensil, instead of a tarnished one.

4) You may apply some tomato ketchup on the copper utensil and rinse it after some time. A significant portion of the tarnish will get removed from the utensil owing to the presence of vinegar in the ketchup.

5) Soak the tarnished copper utensils in a soapy solution and left them overnight. The next morning, place these utensils in boiling water, which should have some white vinegar added in it. Boil them for an hour or two (as per need). After that, rinse these utensils and make them dry to get a glossy look.

The above-mentioned methods or ways are, no doubt, quite effective in cleaning the tarnished copperware. But, as prevention is always better than cure, we suggest regular maintenance for retaining the quality of your copper utensils. So, after daily use, soak the utensils and rub them slightly with a sponge and rinse them. This will surely prevent tarnishing.

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